What is Distance Reconnective Healing (RH)?

What happens during an RH session?

How to arrange a Distance RH session?

How to prepare for a Distance RH session?

I have offered Distance Reconnective Healing to clients across the US and to locations throughout the world for the past 11 years. There is no difference in effect between In-Person or Distance sessions when it comes to Reconnective Healing, as this is a quantum modality. Reconnective Healing frequencies are light and information – not a force – so there is no weakening over distance. In fact, for some the effects may feel stronger with distance work. Also, many people feel more comfortable receiving a treatment in their own homes.

To set up the session, I will communicate with you via phone or email to arrange the time and talk to you about the session. Then, a few minutes before the session start, place yourself in your quiet space (see Preparation below). Distance sessions typically last 40-45 minutes. Following the session, I will email you a confirmation. Then, by phone or email, we can share our experiences of the session. I will include some follow-up steps to support the RH session.

Please send me an email to pat@reconnectyourself.com. Include your name, city, state, country (if not US), and phone number. Include what times of day and which days you are available for the session. Please include a photo of yourself, if possible. If you are arranging a session for another person, please include a photo of them, if possible. Note: Photos are helpful, but not necessary. If you have one and can easily send, please do so. If not, it bears no difference on the effects of the session.

The fee is $65 USD per session.

Once we’ve made arrangements for the session, I will email you a PayPal Invoice for your payment by credit card. If this is a US session, you may also send a check but it must be received at least 7 business days before your session. For complete payment options, click here

Your healing space: Arrange to be in a quiet, relaxed space, free from distractions. Lie down on a bed, on your back, spine straight but relaxed. Or you can also sit in a comfortable chair, relaxed, eyes closed. You want a space where you eyes tune into the treatment, without distractions. Unplug the phone or set the ringer on silent. You may want to have a light blanket nearby, as some people may experience a “cool” sensation for a few minutes If your mind is distracted or has been heavily engaged, take a few minutes to quiet down, let go, center and clear.

If in hospital, hospice, or bedridden: If you’ve arranged the session for someone who is in the hospital, hospice, or is bedridden, it may be helpful for them to receive distance Reconnective healing in the evening or early morning or at a time when when activity around them is quieter. However, Reconnective Healing is about being, not doing, and will “get through,” so to speak, regardless of what the recipient is engaged in. The Reconnective frequencies work anytime, anywhere.

Your participation: Prior to beginning the session, please clear your mind and let go of any other modalities you may be fond of or use. Mentally, be receptive and open, and in a state of awareness of any sensations or impressions that may occur. Note any sensations without judgment. Some people may fall asleep; others go into a deep pre-sleep state, others remain quietly alert, yet deeply relaxed. Let go and enjoy!

Conclusion: Your distance RH session will last about 45 minutes. I will email or text you a confirmation of the session. I would like to hear of your experience either by phone or email. We can discuss follow-up suggestions to support the Reconnective session.

If you are an international client, and phoning is not practical, I would appreciate your experience and any remarks via email. This should happen soon after the session while your memory is still fresh. I will respond, through email, to your remarks and comments.

If you have any questions about a Distance RH Session, please call me at 305-668-1588 or email pat@reconnectyourself.com.


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