Pat Donworth - Reconnective Healing in South Florida
Dr. Pat Donworth is a former career university and hospital counselor, and has offered pastoral care at institutions such as St. Louis University (St. Louis MO), Trinity College (Washington DC), St. Thomas University (St. Paul MN), Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center (Chicago IL) and Penn State Geisinger Medical Center (PA).

Pat earned a Doctor of Ministry degree at United Theological Seminary (St. Paul MN) where she focused on world spiritualities and their contribution to a western world view. Her M.A. is in Spirituality from St. Louis University, and she earned a B.A. in Religious Studies at Barry University in Miami Florida. In addition, Pat has six units (2400 hours) of C.P.E. clinical supervision in a hospital setting.

Raised in the Catholic tradition, Pat early on recognized the difference between religion and spirituality. At the age of 10, Pat's grandmother began teaching her yoga postures and introduced her to the world of metaphysics and spirituality. Pat quickly realized that holiness, health, and healing were intimately related. True spirituality is an experience of a whole and integrated body-mind-spirit. The world of spirit--though invisible--was tangible, and she sought to experience that 'hidden' world.

Pat's quest led her to study/experience a variety of spiritualities and healing modalities, among them: tui-na (Chinese acupressure), Swedish massage, Reiki, laying on of hands, hesychastic prayer, acupuncture, qi gong, Jungian dream work, guided imagery meditation, the Relaxation Response, herbal medicine and holistic nutrition. While living in Minnesota, Pat studied and experienced Native American spirituality and rituals with an Ojibwe pipe carrier. She later spent five years living in a yoga ashram and has a 14-year meditation practice based on the teachings of Kashmir Shaivism.

These experiences, plus others, led to four simple truths for Pat:

  1. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
  2. What matters is soul transformation or awakening to our inner light.
  3. What matters is being a loving human being.
  4. All teachings, religious paths, philosophies, healing methods, rituals, etc. are useful insofar as they foster, encourage, and lead to soul transformation or the experience of one's own inner light.


In April 2001, Pat was introduced to the work of Dr. Eric Pearl and personally experienced the body-mind-spirit transforming potential of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. "Something very powerful is going on here," Pat wrote in her journal during an early training session. She continued:

"I've experienced beings, colors, lights, symbols, sounds, and feelings in open-eyed visions and meditations and dreams. I've experienced combinations of senses that I can't even describe in words--combinations like color-sound and feeling-lights. My hands have not stopped pulsing with an electric-like charge since I picked up Eric's book, and I've had a series of lucid dreams whereby I'm conversing with 'guides' instructing me in the Reconnective frequencies. I feel my energy bodies palpably now, and they seem to be growing, expanding. One woman I work with said that when I walk by her, the 'hairs on her arms stand straight up and she feels like she's put her finger in an electric socket'. Hmm . . . something's definitely been opened and awakened."

Pat invited and hosted Dr. Eric Pearl in Connecticut when he offered Seminars I and II (Milford, June 2001). She was reconnected by Eric's sister Robin in August 2001, and took the Level III training in Austin TX in January 2002.

A Lifelong Spiritual Quest.

If You Could See What I See.

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