Leslie P., Reiki Practitioner, Hamden CT writes:

I was surprised at the force with which a deep violet-colored frequency rushed into the room almost the instant that Pat stepped toward me. I could not move and yet I did not want to; it felt exquisite. I immediately felt another female presence in the room. She had dark, curly, shoulder-length hair and was at my head and feet at different times throughout the session, almost as if she were "overseeing" the process, or guiding it somehow. She seemed to be in different places than Pat. These frequencies were so powerful, and yet I felt no fear and knew that I was in only the best hands. I was in a state of total surrender, perhaps for one of the few times in my life. I felt I could be in this state forever. I could have stayed on the table and slept for a year.

On my way home from my first session, I was in a high state of presence. It was as if I could feel everything, the whole world vibrating.

I felt the combustive energy again immediately. I saw a beautiful violet/white light moving around my head. There was again the female presence at my feet, about 45-50, with short, curly brown hair. She was a very focused presence, the "overseer," and she held my feet as if to anchor me as Pat continued to work off of my body.

Then, I felt a blue ball of light come into my chest. (I have felt this blue ball of energy over the years as a particular angel, or muse for me.) I asked if it was the same presence and she said Yes. She was indigo with a tiny white pinpoint of light in the center. Then I saw my third eye in my head looking at me. I felt my throat opening. Again, my left hand and fingers twitched, but even more dramatically, and I felt some opening in that arm and shoulder as well. I had such an ecstatic feeling, like I was HOME. The energy felt so ecstatic. I saw some kind of exotic bird with a long tail and head plumage, like a type of peacock, but I have never seen anything like it in life or pictures.

What I describe is not something like I have ever experienced before--the voices, the visions, the combustible energy, and the feeling that I was HOME--these were all so foreign and yet so pronounced. Since the Reconnection, things have been happening very quickly for me in terms of my life path, or direction. I feel intrinsically that I am part of a larger web that is in constant motion around me and working with me.

I like this feeling that I am not pushing my life forward but am being guided along. It feels like how life really ought to be.


Dr. Olga Rasmussen, Yoga Therapist, Potomac Falls, VA writes:

During my Reconnective Healing session, I literally saw multiple hands of golden light working over my body while my eyes were closed. The golden hands worked deftly over my abdomen--particularly over the liver area, regardless of where Pat herself was working. I felt my body being both massaged and manipulated even though Pat never laid physical hands on me. I also felt enveloped in a swirling spiral of cool healing energy that seemed to become more intense at its vortex. The sessions were nothing short of transformational.

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